Interpreting & Translating

Interpreting & Translating

We conduct interpretation and qualified translation including specialised technical terminology in almost all languages. In order to guarantee frictionless communication on an international level, Lingua cooperates with highly qualified interpreters. Our interpreters have long standing expert knowledge due to participation in international conferences, conventions, negotiations, trade fairs, television and press conferences.

In addition, we provide miscellaneous translation services for almost all relevant business languages. Our native interpreters possess tremendous knowledge of technical terminology and even look further afield. Thus they deliver comprehensible and intelligent translations without changing the meaning.

The owner of Lingua Solutions and most interpreters are members of the German Association of interpreters (BDÜ). A prerequisite for this membership is a successful audit conducted by the BDÜ based on pan-European interpretation standards.

This membership is only one element that backs up the high quality of our interpretation services which we are committed to.

Upon request, we will organise the entire interpretation service for you. This may start from translation of all written documents up to the booking and organisation of interpreter teams.