Interpreting & Translating

Professional translations to foreign languages often demand a great deal on both the expert knowledge concerning the particular topic and linguistic sensitiveness, susceptibility to different types of texts and intercultural competence.

Lingua Solutions offers qualified translations to and from all European and Slavish languages as well as Chinese. Our interpreters are well-trained in economics, law and technology and compile translations for special areas and with specific technical terminology. Generally, they are publicly appointed and sworn or authorised interpreters.

You send

  • Via fax or email
  • By mail
  • Directly by personal handover of the translation master

 We translate

  • User guides, instruction manuals, functional specifications
  • Documents, contracts, annual reports
  • Daily news, advertising texts, image brochures, certificates
  • Deeds, accreditations

We deliver

  • Rapidly
  • With small additional fees for rush orders