We have designed our language courses for private clients to meet your specific requirements and divided them into four different programmes, allowing you a systematic entry reflecting your personal language level:

  • Basic courses:

    We pick you up from where you are with respect to your linguistic skills. Learning the basics - from beginner to expert.

  • Specialised courses:

    Do you wish to improve your knowledge within the scope of commerce, technology or information technology to advance your professional qualifications? We can help you with our specialised courses.

  • Job application training:

    Are you intending to apply in a foreign language? We help you to increase the success chances of your application by means of individually designed training courses.

We ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions, through the consistent application of the following four steps:

1. Written and oral assessment tests
Prior to commencement of language courses, Lingua Solutions determines the level of your language proficiency by way of written and oral tests, based on the European Framework of References and consequently recommends a suitable type of course.

2. Assessments of training success
Upon request, we offer regular assessments of training success by means of standardised tests.

3. Feedback
At the end of the course you will be given a questionnaire which is evaluated by us for the purpose of steady enhancement and transparent presentation of our offer. It provides the basis for our internal, continuous optimisation process.

4. Certificate of attendance
After successful course completion, we will issue a certificate of attendance upon your request, indicating attendance and the current command of the relevant language.