Interpreting & Translating

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is often denoted as the classic type of interpretation. The interpreter is situated with the other conferees/participants in the conference hall and translates the speaker’s words with a time delay. Thereby, the speaker either carries out a full discourse that is subsequently interpreted or the interpreter continuously translates parts of the speech (of three to twelve minutes).

Consequently, a consecutive interpreted speech requires twice the time. Due to the time delay, this type of interpretation is especially appropriate for events with a limited number of participants with only two languages spoken.

Language attendance

If you wish to organise an important multilingual meeting or workshop, and some participants feel unconfident with the foreign language, we offer language attendance services.

During the meeting, a subsequent informal visit to a restaurant, or during a video/telephone conference, we will be at your side setting the record straight in case of linguistic misconceptions and to interpret as needed.