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Learn all about German culture with us!

You stay in Germany for the first time and only for a short while? You want to learn all about German culture?

We offer you two basic seminars:


Intercultural seminar:

-Contents: We will happyily explain why you don´t order a Kölsch in Düsseldorf, why women cut off men´s ties and why it is ok to eat a Berliner now and then. Explore the secrets behind our customs with us and have fun learning German at the same time.

-Location: Lingua Solutions, Ernst-Dietrich-Platz 1, 40882 Ratingen

-Date: on agreement

-Duration: 3 clock hours

-Costs: 50€ / per person

-Course size: with a least 4 participants

- Language: English



Language course A1:

- Contents: This course helps you to build your confidence in navigating through commonplace situations (i.e. go shopping, asking for directions, ordering food and drinks in bars and restaurants, making arrangements to meet people).

-Location: Lingua Solutions, Ernst-Dietrich-Platz 1, 40882 Ratingen

-Duration: 25 units each 2 academic hours

-Costs: 700€ / per person

-Course size: 3-6 persons

-Start: on agreement