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Lisa's week: Sweet cravings

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Living away from home, it’s the little things that I miss the most. It’s a question many students ask me on a regular basis. They ask me if I get homesick and I can honestly say that after 15 years of being in Germany, the homesickness has definitely faded. It hardly ever hits and usually only directly after I’ve been over in the UK.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. I ALWAYS miss English chocolate!

Most people think that chocolate is chocolate is chocolate but if you think about the difference between popular brands in Germany such as Milka, Lindt or Kinder, I think you’ll agree that chocolate is not all created equal!

When I talk about English chocolate, I’m specifically talking about Cadbury. And my favourite go-to, comfort bar is Dairy Milk. That’s it there in the photo. Distinguished by its bright purple wrapping.

Cadbury’s was founded back in the 1800s in my hometown of Birmingham, by a Quaker John Cadbury and then developed into a modern Victorian manufacturing company by his sons Richard and George. They moved production to a new location where they created “the factory in a village” – Bournville - based on Quaker principals. This was a community for the factory workers, which included recreational facilities such as a cricket pitch that can still be seen today, and they were famous for the advances they made in conditions and social benefits for its workforce. However, being Quakers, the village of Bournville had no pubs! The suburb of Bournville is still very much in existence today and it’s simply lovely to walk around to feel and see a little of that Victorian ethos.

“No man ought to be condemned to live in a place where a rose cannot grow.” - George Cadbury.

When I was young, you could hear the shift bell and even smell the chocolate when the wind was in the right direction, so I was definitely brought up on Cadbury. For me, it’s the best and nothing else will do. It’s not superior chocolate in any way and many Germans don’t like it at all – it has more vegetable fat than German chocolate and therefore is a smoother chocolate that melts more easily with a distinctive flavour. But I love it. A lot!

In 2010, Cadbury was bought by Kraft, which was a sad day for British sweet teeth around the world as changes for the international market are inevitable, and it now finds itself in the same confectionary family as Milka. At the moment, the two brands have their own chocolate recipes but the products are beginning to be replicated. So you can now find the Easter rabbit in Cadbury chocolate, which is new for Britain, and sugar coated eggs in Milka chocolate, which were originally a Cadbury product.

Maybe one day, these two will use the same chocolate recipe and one of them will vanish from the market but I hope that Cadbury Dairy Milk will remain real Cadbury chocolate until I’m too old to eat it any more!



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