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Lisa's week: More calendar food-based ponderings


It’s the week before Easter and a long, four-day weekend is beckoning which will be lovely. Time to slow down and spend time with my family.

In the UK, we get the same four-day weekend and Easter Sunday is full of egg hunts in the garden and chocolate eggs getting scoffed at quite a pace. Although chocolate Easter bunnies can now be found in English shops due to the increase in popularity of the Milka, Lindt and Kinder brands, the majority of chocolate is in egg form… delicious! My favourite is of course, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg and I might have bought a whole box of them last time I was in the UK for Easter!

Other Easter delicacies include Easter Simnel cake, which is a rich, spiced fruitcake with a layer of marzipan in the middle. It’s also traditionally decorated with 11 marzipan balls, representing the 11 disciples of Jesus, without Judas. Once the cake has been fully decorated, it is briefly put under the grill so that the marzipan on the top of the cake is slightly toasted. Delicious!

If you like “Rosinenbrötchen”, you might also like to give Hot Cross Buns a try. They are similar but are seasoned with allspice, which is a traditional flavour at this time of year. A marzipan cross on the top gives this bun its name which is then cut in half, toasted and served with lashings of butter spread on the top. Double delicious. If only I had some photos to share!

Easter Sunday dinner at my mum’s house is usually very traditional and includes roast shoulder of lamb served with mint sauce – don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it! I think I might miss that the most. Yes, it’s the time of year with plenty of scrumptious food and I love going back to the UK to get my dose of all those flavours. 

I won’t be home for Easter this year but perhaps I need to arrange a weekend back to Birmingham and ask my mum to prepare all these Easter specialties for me so that I get my fix even if Easter is long gone.

I get the feeling that maybe all my homesick feelings are related to food! Or is it just me?

Have a great Easter break everyone!


What is Lisa's week?

"We’ve (hopefully) been entertaining you so far with the meaning and background of a weekly English idiom and now we’ve decided to expand that a little to give me the chance to share some details that come my way in my daily life as a Business English teacher. I hope to find weekly tidbits of information and experience to tell you about such as British traditions that I (or we) celebrate, or typical mistakes made when speaking English, or even some of the funny things I come across in my daily life. We hope that you’ll enjoy the insight into the life of a Brit in Germany!"


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