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Lisa's week: Celebrating St George

St George

We’ve already talked about St David, the Patron Saint of Wales, and St Patrick, the Patron Paint of Ireland so it’s time to talk about good old St George. He’s the Patron Saint of England and we celebrate St George’s Day on April 23rd.

Didn’t see anything in the news? Missed it? Don’t worry. So did I!

Now this is a little confusing because we - the English - all know that he’s the main man, and we all know his flag that represents England. That would be the red cross on a white background that can be seen in many a stadium when the national English football team plays. The concept of St George and the St George’s flag has even become more popular in recent years, but many of us don’t even know when St George’s Day is. It’s not a bank holiday and tends to slip by with barely a mention in the news. So, while St Patrick’s Day has been exported all over the world and is celebrated with much enthusiasm, St George’s Day comes and goes. Although I have a note to remind me about it right here on my computer, even I forgot!

So who was St George? Legend has it that he killed a dragon and saved a princess while serving in the Roman army but he wasn’t English and probably never even set foot in England. He was born in an area now known as Turkey around 280 AD and was a devout Christian. He protested against the pagan Emperor’s persecution of the Christians and found himself imprisoned, tortured and then executed for his beliefs on 23rd April 303 AD.

The flag of St George was adopted by Richard the Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The flag was worn on the uniforms of the king’s soldiers to identify them and later, St George was made the Patron Saint of England in 1348.

Of course, dragons don’t actually exist so the legend of St George and the Dragon is just that – a legend! The story appears to come from a town called Silene in Libya and the princess, who was due to be sacrificed to the dragon, was saved just in time by either St George himself or a Knight of the Crusades depending on the source you read. The townspeople were so grateful, that they converted to Christianity. This and many other imaginative stories were brought together in the Middle Ages in a book called “Golden Legend” which became hugely popular and continues to be a popular legend today.

In Britain, the George Cross and the George medal are the two highest awards for bravery that a civilian can earn and they both depict the famous scene of St George sitting on his horse and slaying the dragon. It would appear that we all love a good legend!

An interesting fact about St George is that he’s not even exclusively English and is celebrated in such places as Portugal, Romania, Ethiopia and Lithuania. The symbols and coat of arms around this famous man can also be found on flags in cities and countries around the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and have a cup of tea to celebrate my Englishness. I might wave my little St George’s flag while I make it!


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