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Lisa's week: Summer Solstice

Summer solstice

As I sit here writing this, day has just turned into night on the longest day of the year. In English, we call this the Summer Solstice, which is a word that is derived from the Latin words “sol” (meaning sun) and “sister” (meaning to stand still). This is because the Sun’s movement, as seen from Earth, seems to momentarily come to a full stop directly over the Tropic of Cancer before reversing direction and seeming to head south again. At this moment, the Earth is most inclined towards the Sun and we get the most sunlight of the whole year.

As the Earth tilts away from the Sun for the following six months, the days will get shorter until the Winter Solstice on 21st December which is, therefore, the shortest day of the year. All of this is of course valid for the northern hemisphere and is reversed for those who live in the southern hemisphere – they are “celebrating” their shortest day today!

This day is celebrated around the world in different ways, and most of us are familiar with Sweden’s midsummer celebrations. Most Swedes leave the city to party in the countryside, where they raise a May Pole and wear the most beautiful crowns of leaves and flowers in their hair, before partying through the night which, for most of the country, doesn’t actually get dark.

In the UK, the most popular and well-known celebration is held at Stonehenge in the Wiltshire countryside where sun-worshiping Druids have been marking the Summer Solstice for thousands of years. This year, the sun will rise at 4.52am and will set at 9.26pm providing 16 ½ hours of daylight. The infamous stones are positioned to align with the sunrise on both the summer and winter solstices. You can see the sun rise directly over the Heel Stone, which is just outside the stone circle, if you stand in exactly the right place inside the ring. Druids cloaked in white, hooded robes travel to Stonehenge for this event and these days, thousands of curious people join them. The circle is closed for general admission on this day as it is handed over to those celebrating the solstice. It is a great chance to get nearer to the stones than during the rest of the year and many take the chance to get up close and personal to the most famous prehistoric site in the UK.

Even Google marked the occasion today, providing a small animated graphic for both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Personally, I took the chance to take a few photos of the darkening sky and noted that as late as 10.55pm, it wasn’t completely dark here in the city.

What did you do to mark this special day?


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