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Lisa's week: ‘Tis the season (of Bank Holidays) – part 1

Well, I’m back to work on this short work-week after my travels to Spain where I definitely felt my lack of language skills! It was a new experience for me to visit some places where they just couldn’t speak a word of English. But I managed and it gave me a fresh appreciation for speaking the global language that gets you by in many, many places, even if not everywhere.

But the trip fell between two Bank Holidays (BrE) and I thought it might be an idea to talk about the names of these special days. Of course, every country (or even state here in Germany) has different national or public holidays so I’ll concentrate on helping you with the names for the days in North-Rhine Westphalia. I’ll also include a few days that are not officially days off but are still part of this general group. In NRW, we officially get a full 11 days which I believe is about in the middle of the German states – some, such as Saxony, get fewer than us and some, such as Bavaria, get more. However, on a particularly “employer friendly” year, several of these days can fall at the weekend and then don’t really feel like days off. I think that the lowest number of days we can get during the week in NRW is 7 due to the way the weeks fall in that year.

Let’s start at the beginning of the year and take 2017 as a template for the dates and days:

1st January – New Year’s Day

14th April – Good Friday (the Friday of the Easter weekend)

16th April – Easter Sunday

17th April – Easter Monday

1st May – May Day or Labour Day

25th May – Ascension Day

4th June – Whit Sunday – this whole weekend is called Whitsun (Anglican) or Pentecost

5th June – Whit Monday

15th June – Corpus Christi

3rd October – Day of German Unity or German Unity Day

31st October – Reformation Day (and also known outside the religious calendar as Hallowe’en)

1st November – All Saints' Day

24th December – Christmas Eve

25th December – Christmas Day

26th December – Boxing Day (not in USA)

31st December – New Year’s Eve

Let’s leave it at that for this week, and I’ll continue this topic next week with a little more insight into how we do things in the UK.

Enjoy the rest of your short week and I hope you’re looking forward to the potentially even shorter one next week!


What is Lisa's week?

"We’ve (hopefully) been entertaining you so far with the meaning and background of a weekly English idiom and now we’ve decided to expand that a little to give me the chance to share some details that come my way in my daily life as a Business English teacher. I hope to find weekly tidbits of information and experience to tell you about such as British traditions that I (or we) celebrate, or typical mistakes made when speaking English, or even some of the funny things I come across in my daily life. We hope that you’ll enjoy the insight into the life of a Brit in Germany!"


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