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Lisa's week: The tiny apostrophe is actually something big (part 2)

In part 1 of this post last week, we talked about using apostrophes in the place of missing letters in contractions. D’you remember??? Yes, that’s one right there. And there too!

But today we are going to talk a little about the use of the apostrophe to signal possession. This one is a little more tricky so let’s see if we can break it down for you to make it easier to grasp.


The apostrophe is used to show that one noun belongs to another noun. This means that we use the possessive apostrophe such as “Lisa’s pen”, more than the standard German English way of expressing possession such as “the pen of Lisa”.

Singular nouns

For singular nouns, regardless of the last letter of the word, we add an apostrophe and then an “s”.

The room belonging to the girl --> the girl’s room
The daughter belonging to Liz --> Liz’s daughter
The office for the team --> the team’s office
The house belonging to James --> James’s house

When we say these out loud, we might need to add an extra “e” sound to the word so the following pronunciation would be needed: “James’(e)s” house or “Liz’(e)s” daughter.

Plural nouns

For plural nouns ending with an “s” then we just add an apostrophe after the final “s”.

The toys belonging to the (3) girls --> the girls’ toys
The flat belonging to your (2) friends --> my friends’ flat
The dog belonging to Mr and Mrs Smith --> the Smiths’ dog

For irregular plural nouns that do not end with an “s”, we add an apostrophe and an “s”.

The classroom for the children --> the children’s classroom
The changing room for the men --> the men’s changing room

Please remember that we do not need to use an apostrophe wherever you see an “s”! This is a big grammatical mistake and one that can be seen very often in the UK, even in public.

Remember that if one thing “belongs” to another, then it is more standard English to use the possessive apostrophe. Even when we have multiple relationships.

For example:

The bedroom belonging to the two daughters of the neighbour of my sister.

My sister’s neighbour’s daughters’ room.

Easy, don’t you think! Remember to use this form when talking and make sure you get that pesky little punctuation symbol in the right place when you’re writing and your English will look and sound much better.

There might be a part 3 next week as there are one or two more little uses of the useful punctuation so come back and check it out so that you have the full picture.


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