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Lisa's week: The first day of school


You might have seen the news about young Prince George starting school this week and today my British niece started primary school too. I received dozens of cute photos of her in her uniform grinning broadly, totally excited to be starting at last. And this made me think about the difference between that very first day here in Germany and over there in England! It’s all a bit different and many students ask me about the differences.

I attended the first day of school for my German niece a couple of years ago, and everyone was there watching the school welcome in the new intake of schoolchildren. All the children were clutching their “Schultüte”, enjoying the fun and I was a little taken aback because there was a lot of celebration and not a lot of school! A family get-together followed and presents were showered down on the sweet, little thing. She had a great day.

The first main difference is that in the UK, children start school in the school year when they turn five. The school year runs from September to August so if your child has their fifth birthday any time within that period, they will start in that first week of September although there is now a process available to apply to delay entry for one year if you think your child will not be ready in that September. Yes, most children will not yet be five - unless they have a birthday on 1st September! - and some might even be just four – if they had an August birthday for example. This may seem very young for German thinking, but the first year of school, which is called Reception, is a bit similar to Kindergarten – just in a school setting. However, they will definitely begin learning to read, write and do their sums. There will be a lot of playing and they will stay at school all day. Most schools have a uniform and I can’t tell you how cute they look.

We don’t have a tradition of “Schultüte” in England though. Over the years, I’ve given three nieces and a nephew their very own German cone full of presents and they love it. It’s extra special for them because of the fact that no one else in their class will have one! Isn’t it lovely to be unique? This year’s recipient isn’t much taller than the cone itself! What fun.

Another main difference is that there’s no celebration as such. Mums, and sometimes dads, will take them along to school on that first day and wave them goodbye as their new teacher leads them into school for assembly (a coming together of children and staff at the beginning of the school day) or maybe just onto lessons. Photos will be taken and no doubt shared on social media (I’ve been stalking FB and IG all day for cute shots) but that’s about it.

I’ve asked my sister and my niece was in school just for the afternoon 1 - 3.30 on day one and for the rest of the first week, and she will start all day school next week. She and her partner took my niece to school and met up with the teacher at the classroom. Parents and children were showed around the classroom and where their coats and book bags are kept, and then were able to stay and settle the children down for as long as they needed. However, my niece was keen for them to leave as soon as possible as she was super excited just to be there and get started!

When they collected her, they had a mini-celebration at home – just the four of them – but she was pretty tired after all that excitement and just wanted to watch TV! Ha ha!

It’s all a bit more low-key than the German equivalent but it doesn’t mean that the children don’t love that first day any less. If you could see my niece’s beaming face, you’d see that it was just about the best day she’s ever had – so far!

Here’s to the next 14 years!


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