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Lisa's week: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

The summer holidays in North-Rhine Westphalia are almost here and it makes me think back to my own days – long, long ago – of coming up to the last day of school for the long summer break and how things might be different today than way back when or even to here on the continent!

My mother sent through some photos yesterday of my nieces and nephews playing on the beach in Devon where she has taken them for a few traditional seaside days. There they are with their buckets and spades, making quite elaborate sand castles. So far so good – this must be one of the most universal things that children do at the beach although maybe the style of castle has changed over the years.

I remember that we were often taken to the north Devon coast, which was pretty much the closest seaside to Birmingham which is slap bang in the middle of the country. We had family there and would pack up the caravan and head down the motorway with all the other “millions” of families, traditionally getting caught up in traffic jams where cars would stand stationary for what felt like hours, even overheating and having to pull over to cool down – air conditioning was a thing of the future and on one of those hot days where everyone had the idea to go to the beach, we would be sitting in the car melting away trying to occupy ourselves with a book. It was not uncommon to see families brewing up a cup of tea on the camping stove while sitting on the hard shoulder!

When we finally arrived at our destination, the beach would be the first thing on the agenda of course. But this beach had no sea. Or so it felt to me. The tide seemed to be out all day, every day and we would go walking out across the mudflats to find it, only to return a few minutes later covered head to toe in the “mud” which had prevented us from making it out to the water’s edge. I was reminded of this last time I went to the German “Wattenmeer” which has the same situation with the tides and yes, I also saw kids heading out to find the sea to no avail! It would seem that this too is a universal activity.

It looks to me like this might be a subject to return to as there are so many things that come to mind but for now, I ask myself if they still have donkeys on the beach in England? I’ve never seen them in Germany, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t exist. But when we were small, there would always be donkeys available for a short ride across the sand. What a treat! What more would a child need – back then – than beach, sand castles, the promise of the sea at some point, a donkey ride and an ice-cream if we were lucky! And there’s the story for another day.

What are your childhood seaside memories? And how different is a visit to the coast today compared to way back when?


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