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Lisa's week: Quick Tip of the Week – question tags (part2)

I’m back with part 2 of the Quick Tip of the Week on question tags, a grammar point we use in less formal language and which turns a regular statement into a question of sorts.

There are a few expressions we use in German that are a bit similar to tags - such as “oder?” at the end of the sentence - but it’s not really the same and is even less formal than the tag form.

We started off last week with the basics:

  1. Positive statement and negative tag
  2. Negative statement and positive tag
  3. The tag uses the auxiliary verb that matches the tense of the main statement
  4. Easy, isn’t it?

So you are back here for more this week, aren’t you?

See? Tags all over the place.

We can start by touching on a few that use forms which are a little irregular:

  1. If the main statement is an “I am…” form, then the tag is “aren’t I?” in the standard contracted form.
  2. If the question tag above is not contracted, then it can be made using “am I not?” which is a little old fashioned and sounds very formal.
  3. If the main statement is a “Let’s…” form, then the tag is “shall we?”.
  4. If the main statement is an imperative negative “Don’t…”, then the tag will use the “will you?” structure.

Some examples might be useful here:

  • I’m supposed to write my name at the top, aren’t I?
  • I’m looking a bit sunburnt, aren’t I?
  • I am working on the right contract, am I not? (very seldom used)
  • Let’s go out for dinner soon, shall we?
  • Let’s stay in touch, shall we?
  • Let’s keep that a secret, shall we?
  • Don’t touch that cable, will you?
  • Don’t forget to call her for her birthday, will you?
  • Don’t make that noise, will you? I’m trying to concentrate.

In English, we often use our voices to express different meanings and question tags are no exception.

If we raise our voice at the end of the tag, then we really are asking a genuine question.


You haven’t got time to help me, have you?Ú
-          I’m really asking if you have time. I don’t know if you do or don’t.

She didn’t say where she was going, did she?Ú
-          I don’t know where she is and I wonder if you know.

You don’t know who got the top job, do you?Ú
-          I’m asking if you know who got the job because I don’t know.

They’ll be back tomorrow, won’t they?Ú
-          I’m not sure anymore when they come back and perhaps you know.


We can use a negative statement with a positive tag with our voice raised at the end to ask for information etc., or to ask someone to do something.


You couldn’t come here, could you?Ú
-          I’m asking you to come over here to help me

You haven’t got €1 you could lend me, have you?Ú
-          I’m asking you to lend me €1.

You don’t know what the weather will be like later, do you?Ú
-          I’m asking you to give me the weather forecast.

You don’t happen to know where I put my keys, do you?Ú
-          I’m asking you for help to find my keys.


If we lower our voice at the end of the tag, then it’s not really a question. We are simply inviting the other person to agree with us.


She looks great, doesn’t she? Ø
-          I really think she looks good and expect that you do too.

You’re too busy to help me today, aren’t you?Ø
-          I know that you’re busy and am really just confirming that you don’t have time.

They really enjoyed the party, didn’t they?Ø
-          I know that they had a good time and assume that you know that too.

I didn’t do very well in the test, did I?Ø
-          I know that I did badly and am waiting for you to confirm that.


Now, I think I’ve probably given you more information on question tags than you ever thought you’d need, haven’t I?

There, I did it again! Tags are just too useful not to use, aren’t they?



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