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Lisa's week: Once in a blue moon


With all the talk of super moons, blue moons or just ordinary full moons this month, I thought we could look at this moon-based idiom.

Example in use: How often do I go to the gym? Well, after the initial month when I went really regularly, I have to say that I became demotivated and now I only go once in a blue moon.

Meaning: very seldom, irregularly, on rare occasions, almost never

Possible German equivalent: alle Jubeljahre

Possible origin: When I looked online to find the origins of this idiom, I was surprised to find several theories and some discussion regarding the original use of the phrase to mean something that was ridiculous through to it referring to something that never occurs or is impossible and then to more popular use of the word today meaning something that is not regular or occurs rarely. Not to mention the use of the term “blue moon” to refer to a spefic full moon within a specific period or even the fact that some volcanic activity sending ash into the atmosphere could give use the impression that the moon was in fact, a blue-ish colour.

At the time when it could be used to refer to something absurd, the moon was also sometimes described as being made of green cheese. Clearly that was a stupid idea and therefore, the use was similar to the idiom “pigs will fly”. (You can find out what I wrote about that idiom here)

It is unclear why the meaning changed from ridiculous to impossible but it seems to date back to medieval England. An example of this can be found in this text from 1528 by the Bishop of Chichester who sarcastically stated, “Yf they saye the mone is belewe, We must beleve that it is true.” (If they say that the moon is blue, we must believe that it is true.)

It seems that this meaning also died out and the phrase became popular again in the early 1800s with the meaning adjusted to something occurring rarely. I couldn’t find anything to explain why!

To add another layer of confusion to the matter, a blue moon has also become the name given to a second full moon within a month. A rare occasion that happens around every 32 months.

January 2018 was one of those double full moon months although with the heavy cloud cover and bad weather all month, I only caught a glimpse of each of these moons and there was no chance of me having the chance to go out and capture this rare event on camera as I’ve managed to do in the past. Did you get to see it?

So, to use the idiom once more… how often did we see blue skies and sunshine in January? Only once in a blue moon! Here’s to February and the hope for better weather!

once / wʌns

What is Lisa's week?

"We’ve (hopefully) been entertaining you so far with the meaning and background of a weekly English idiom and now we’ve decided to expand that a little to give me the chance to share some details that come my way in my daily life as a Business English teacher. I hope to find weekly tidbits of information and experience to tell you about such as British traditions that I (or we) celebrate, or typical mistakes made when speaking English, or even some of the funny things I come across in my daily life. We hope that you’ll enjoy the insight into the life of a Brit in Germany!"


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